Life is a gift

The world and everything in it is a gift.

We did not earn this world.

We did not earn our lives.

We did not earn the sun; it is not thanks to our hard efforts that the sun shines.

We did not earn the ability of plants to grow.

We did not earn water.

We did not earn our conception; we did not earn our birth.

Our hearts beat and our livers metabolize all on their own.

Life is a gift and that’s just fundamental.


In fact, even the things that did come to you through hard effort, those are a gift too.

Maybe you worked hard for your money or for your status, your healthy body?

OK, but from where did that ability to work hard come from?

Did you earn that or did that come as a gift too?

Where does that come from, your creativity, your strength, your intelligence?

Did you earn these?


All beings including human beings have an unquenchable desire to pour forth their gifts.

It’s not just you, all beings are like this and that is why we should be living in a world of incredible abundance.

All these givers who desire to express their magnificence.

The fact that modern society has constructed conditions of such pervasive scarcity is an impressive achievement. All that suppression, how did we do that? So much talent, such a  ich world,

How is it, that so many lives are spent in insecurity, anxiety and deprivation?

It’s not just the economically poor who suffer a kind of a deprivation, it’s the wealthy too.

The scarcity and the struggle are very much artificial and systemic. They have a systemic dimension and an internal dimension creating additional struggle that’s not even built into the system and not built into the course of a normal life.

Excerpts from  Charles Eisenstein course Living in a Gift

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