New Story – Old Story

We are all Connected we are All One

I keep on hearing about a New story; a story of oneness, a story of interconnectedness, of inter-being as Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh nicely puts it.

The old story is supposed to be a “story of separation”, but I always seen, felt that everything is connected. When something is obvious to you it is hard to explain why.  It feels like trying to explain to someone who is colour-blind why this is red and this is green.  It is obvious for me that they are different, but it is equally obvious that they are the same for colour blind person (well I assume this based on their reaction

Well I will give it my best shot.

We breath the same air, what was in your lungs, will be in mine and vice versa; it has been in lungs of many animals, it was breathed out by trees. 

We drink the water that has been recycled by nature so many times: ocean, clouds, rain, rivers, inside the bodies of living creature, soil, it is hard to find something on Earth that does not have water in it. We breath it, we drink it we perspire, we urinate.  I read somewhere that with probability of 100% everyone of us drunk at least one drop of water that went through a urinary track of a dinosaur.

We eat, digest, and absorb elements from the food we eat to build our bodies. Those formed part of another living organism before we ate it. This is the cycle of life.

Or body is a collection of cells. We have more bacteria in us then we have our own cells (that was an WOW moment for me, when I heard this) and without these bacteria our body cannot function.  We are so connected to these bacteria that when we kill them, we get sick and to get better, we have to reintroduce then into our body.  How dumb is our war on germs, without which we will die.

And so on.  Anything that exists  – co-exists. Nothing can survive in isolation.

I remember a guy who made a statement “I did not get onto the top of food chain to give up meat”.  My reply was: “well this is what you bed bug thinks as well.

Another analogy for oneness. 

People say how can we be one; we are obviously separate. I am different form you, from others.

I look at my hand and see 5 fingers: each one obviously separate, different form each other, there is no way I could get them mixed up, yet they form one hand.  I am aware of all the organs that form my one body. There are many of them; there is a clear difference between them: brain, heart, skin, kidneys, to name a few.  We can easily separate them. Yet they form one body.

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