Do we need charities?

I receive a lot of letters from Charities asking for donations. Today I received 5 letters from different charities asking for donations. They were full of marketing materials, heart breaking stories, gifts and so on. and I thought: if all this Charities used their marketing budgets to lobby the government and promote a caring, compassionate society we would not need all these charities we would solve the problems that they say they want to address.

It reminded me the story of a tribe living alongside a river.  Every day they were saving people coming from upstream and drowning in the river. They were so busy and tiered. One day one of them just stopped got out of the water and started walking up the stream. Others started shouting: “Where are you going? We need to save all these people and you are just walking away! He replied: “I am going upstream to find out why are they falling into the river.”

Isn’t it time, we ask ourselves: “Why there is so much issues in the world that charities are required? Why did we create a need for them?

Let’s realise that the ways we are now, our economic, political, social system is created by us – the people. We created it by actively implementing the model and only we can change it.  It is up to us to create a world we want to live in. Every time you say, this is just the way it is, you are supporting what is happening and because you acquiescence to  it, it remains this way.

We are all a part of the system which is like in a net. Each of us being one of the nodes.  We tell ourselves: it is not me; it is the other, we are the ones holding the net. Only we, each of us, can break it by saying: I am not doing it anymore, I am not holding to this net, I do not want to be part of it. If enough nodes let go the net will fall apart.

Can anyone tell me how come in this world that claims to be built on Christian values we have poverty?

Doesn’t the bible say feed the hungry yet over 6 million people die each year from hunger (that is 3 times more than from COVID over 1.5 years) and it is not a news item, Why?

Doesn’t the Bible say provide shelter, yet so many people are homeless while there are houses standing empty. I read that there are more empty houses, than homeless people. Why?

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