Do we need charities?

I receive a lot of letters from Charities asking for donations. Today I received 5 letters from different charities asking for donations. They were full of marketing materials, heart breaking stories, gifts and so on. and I thought: if all this Charities used their marketing budgets to lobby the government and promote a caring, compassionate society we would not need all these charities we would solve the problems that they say they want to address.

It reminded me the story of a tribe living alongside a river.  Every day they were saving people coming from upstream and drowning in the river. They were so busy and tiered. One day one of them just stopped got out of the water and started walking up the stream. Others started shouting: “Where are you going? We need to save all these people and you are just walking away! He replied: “I am going upstream to find out why are they falling into the river.”

Isn’t it time, we ask ourselves: “Why there is so much issues in the world that charities are required? Why did we create a need for them?

Let’s realise that the ways we are now, our economic, political, social system is created by us – the people. We created it by actively implementing the model and only we can change it.  It is up to us to create a world we want to live in. Every time you say, this is just the way it is, you are supporting what is happening and because you acquiescence to  it, it remains this way.

We are all a part of the system which is like in a net. Each of us being one of the nodes.  We tell ourselves: it is not me; it is the other, we are the ones holding the net. Only we, each of us, can break it by saying: I am not doing it anymore, I am not holding to this net, I do not want to be part of it. If enough nodes let go the net will fall apart.

Can anyone tell me how come in this world that claims to be built on Christian values we have poverty?

Doesn’t the bible say feed the hungry yet over 6 million people die each year from hunger (that is 3 times more than from COVID over 1.5 years) and it is not a news item, Why?

Doesn’t the Bible say provide shelter, yet so many people are homeless while there are houses standing empty. I read that there are more empty houses, than homeless people. Why?

Our Civilisation v 7 Deadly Sins

I keep on hearing that our civilisation and its social/political/economic system is built on Christian values, but what does it mean? what values?  They are not mentioned.

What I remember from my religious educations was that it is about loving each other and caring for each other, love your neighbour, do not judge, forgive.

I checked some quotes:

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’ Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? And the King will tell them, ‘I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’”
Matthew 25:31-40 NLT

“You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against any of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself: I am the Lord.”
Leviticus 19:18

I could not see these behaviours being prominent or promoted by our current systems.

So, I thought of the 7 virtues, how is this civilisation and systems tracking against them.

I got on a site that listed 7 deadly sins and corresponding 7 virtues. Here they are:

  1. Pride                                                                Humility
  2. Greed                                                              Charity
  3. Lust                                                                 Chasity
  4. Envy                                                                Gratitude
  5. Gluttony                                                          Temperance
  6. Anger                                                              Patience
  7. Sloth                                                                Diligence

This was scary, let’s look at it

Seven deadly sins and our current system:

  1. Pride – Competition is the base of our economy. And what is competition, other than a way to show “I am better than you”. Isn’t this a form of Pride.  Our political system is the same; elections are all about look at me, look how good I am. Winning is everything. We need to show we are better than others. And right now it is actually showing that they are worse than me.
  2. Greed – there is even a saying “Greed is good”? In a Christian country greed is good? One of the seven deadly sins is considered good? The whole system is built on greed. We want more, more, more for me. In do not want to share, I do not want to support less fortunate. We destroy the environment on which we depend so we can have more.
  3. Lust – strong craving and desire extensively used in marketing which playing on our emotions is persuading us we need this or that often using sexual images. Again this is to support economy which needs to grow continuously by its design.
  4. Envy – again popular saying “keep up with Jones”, we compare ourselves with others, are they more successful? Envy is used to do more so we can have at least what others have.
  5. Gluttony – we produce enough food to feed everyone on the Earth and yet over 6 million die from hunger and it is the Christian part of the world that wastes the food allowing poorer nation (or now even people in our own country in case of Australia) to go hungry while food is being thrown away. I would also extend this into overconsumption in general.
  6. Anger – divide and rule, blame and hate the “other” refugee, old, sick, unemployed colour, gay, Muslim, Jew, black, Chinese, viruses, travellers, the list is endless as long as we have someone or something to hate.
  7. Sloth – (comes from without care) do we care about others or environment? Wouldn’t we all like to live of investments, so we do not have to do anything and pay someone to do it for us.

Are Neo-liberal policies good for the Economy? (Australian Perspective)

We are told by the Liberal Party that the budget surplus is an indicator of the strong economy. However if the surplus/deficit is a measure of the strength of economy what is Australia doing holding strong economic ties with one of the weakest economy in the world (as measured by this standard) namely United Stats of America?

Lets think about it. Getting a surplus budget is a very easy task. All that is required is to stop spending.  Government stoped spending on education, health and infrastructure.  But can the economy be sustainable without such spending?


We already have skills shortages.  The result?  What would you do if you knew that the employer cannot replace you?  Ask for a pay rise?  Well without you the job cannot be done (individual bargaining plays here in your favour).  With restriction on emigration it is not easy for the employer to find skills overseas (god forbid the person with the skills might not be a white Christian) Simple economic concept of supply and demand starts playing its role.  There is an upward pressure for salary and wages increases and this creates INFLATION which the government promised to keep low.

This is for the lucky ones that do have the required skills.  The ones that do not have the skills (and lets be honest with today’s rapidly changing technology your skills will get outdated pretty soon I guess)  have to either pay for the training themselves or have their employers pay for it. Result? In the first option you will move to the above category and demand higher pay to recoup your investments in education or the employer will want to recoup their expenses by increasing their prices.  In both cases the result is INFLATION.

Well and we where told that this government will keep the inflation low!  Didn’t the Reserve Bank of Australia hit that the tax cuts did create inflationary pressures?

Luck of spending on education also marginalizes the unfortunate ones who cannot afford education for many reasons.  Some of them could be very productive if given a chance however they are being pushed away to the margin of society. Result could be increase in crime rate.  Is Australia going to become again a country of people who have been jailed for stealing bread?


The state of Australian health system is well know to be a disaster.  Many call it the Sick system, not only because of its state but also because it is only dealing with the sick having no funds for any proactive actions of maintaining health.  OK back to economy.  What is the result of having sick people on the street or at work?

There is a lot of easily spreadable diseases.  As people cannot afford to see a doctor or have a day of work they walk around you on the streets, in buses and trains, in offices and factories.  The chance of you getting what they have increase.

Is this good for the economy?  Having sick people at work? How productive can they be?  By coming to work they also can make other people sick.  The ones at their work place and the ones they meet on the way.  How can this be good for the economy?

The concept of user pays should be changed to the beneficiary pays.  Having health people on the street is for the benefit of all and as the rich benefit more so they should pay more.  Where does all the money from Medicare levy go to?  Shouldn’t it be used to fund public health system?  And with PM claim that the wages went up by 21% the public health system should receive 21% more funding.


Without infrastructure spending how can the economy be sustained? Transport, energy, water they became the  bloodline of our life and economy.  Economic management should look at future to ensure our children and grand children can enjoy at least the same standard of living that we do. Well maybe if you do not have kids you just do not care?

Any one of us can have a budget surplus.  It takes about 60 days for a human being to die of starvation.  We can easly have a surplus for a month just by not eating.  The problem is that we cannot go much longer with this strategy.

I just checked it on the ABS site while the Government is having a surplus Australian domestic saving has been negative since about 2002.  Is this good for you the voter?

The other thing we are told is that the economy is growing.

It is true. The economic growth measured by the amount of money that comes into the economy has grown but how much of this growth is a result of good economic management and how much is due to the world economic growth especially in Asia and the strong demand for recourses.  he boom in China.  Which are the states that enjoyed the biggest growth? WA the state with resources.  Mining production growth last year (March to march) was over 11% while agricultural production declined over 22%.  Well I was told that digging holes in the ground (I am talking here about mining) lower the water table in the adjusting land.  It makes sense. Water likes to stay level. If it is above the hole it will fill it in, it gets pumped out fills in again until it learns its lesson and goes below the hole.

We are just selling out our resource and in the future Government wants to sell uranium. Is that they way you want our economy to grow?

The Government vision for Australians is to become miners for Asia.

We where also told that the average income went up by 21%. Congratulation. My did not. Have Yours?

Economic Growth versus Health

As our environment is destroyed, our democratic freedoms are taken away and social justice is eroding we are being told that our main concerned should be the economic growth,  After the recent (or should I say current economic and financial crisis governments around the world were taking actions to stimulate growth.

But why do we need growth. What is economic growth?

Economic growth is measured by GDP gross domestic product this is basically the sum of all that we produced or rather what we sent producing.

So to achieve economic growth; we can invest in mines. Dig the coal and iron ore our of the ground; transport all that. to foundries This will require additional investments in transport, provide people with employments. In the foundries coal and iron ore are melted to produce steel; more jobs, more investments. Steel is then transported to steel work plants; more jobs, more investments. We use this steel to produce heavy machinery transportation equipment, tracks; everything we need to gig coal and iron ore, transport these to foundries and steel works so we can produce more equipment to dig more ore more coal.

And what are the results? Polluted air, polluted water, hole in the ground, less farm land that can produce food,  environmental degradation.

Can someone explain to me where does standard of living come from this?

What I see is? As people live in a polluted environment that they have created, more and more of them get sick, have cancer and other diseases.

This provides new opportunities for further growth; medical science now we can produce medication that will fight the results of this unhealthy environment; pharmaceutical companies can invest in research, design new drugs and medication, sell these drugs.  This again increases GDP

However I would rather be healthy. I do not want to have to take any medications.

Does this growth really improve our lives?  We have cars, tv, and many other good; but at what costs?  We do not have fresh air, we do not have fresh water. Without air we can live only few minutes, without water just few days; yet we are paying with these for this economic growth.

It does not make sense?  Why does this happen.  We do not take this costs into account.

Illegal refugees?

Australian Government is using the term illegal refugees que jumpers in an attempt to vilify people who are seeking refuge in Australia. But lets think about it.

Technically they are correct.  ALL refugees are illegal by definition. Lets see what wikipedia says about refugees

Under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees from 1951, a refugee is a person who (according to the formal definition in article 1A of this Convention), owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of their nationality, and is unable to or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail him/herself of the protection of that country.[1]

The concept of a refugee was expanded by the Convention’s 1967 Protocol and by regional conventions in Africa and Latin America to include persons who had fled war or other violence in their home country.

Lets think about how someone becomes a refugee.  They fear prosecution and flee their country.

How do you expect anyone fearing prosecution from their country go to their government authorities and apply for a passport and then ask them to wait with the prosecutions until they obtain an Australian Visa.  (please note that it takes at least 1 year to obtain an Australian visa). If they can do that I would say that they are not refugees, as they do not fear prosecution.

Using the protocol from 1967 we should grant refugee status to anyone coming from Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sir Lanka and any other war thorn country.

Questions to those who work destroying the environment.

Money is the reward rendered for the benefit provided.  Whenever you provide a benefit you should feel free to demand a reward.  This is justice.   The reward received should be proportional to the benefit you provide.

So whatever you do at work ask yourself how much value am I providing, who is the beneficiary and how much value they put on whatever I do?

Here is a message to the people that work includes destroying the environment. Ask yourself

are you really providing for you children?

Is destroying the environment really providing them with the future you would like to leave for them?

You are scared for loosing your job, your livelihood but what about other jobs; there are other jobs coming up in the renewable energy field.

Over the history there are so many jobs that have been lost due to change: carter, horse whip maker should have we stop the production of cars to save these jobs?

Wouldn’t you rather tell your kids look I did some thing to save the environment instead of saying I contributed to it destruction.

What do you want. Think about it.  Are you proud of your job?

Have you thought about what are you doing to say to your grand children.  Pa what have you been doing in your life? Cutting trees and forests. What is a forest?  Is that the reply you want to here.

Will you be happy with a reply I will take you there one day because you grand kids have to travel to see a forest.  Wouldn’t you like them to see the beauty of it every day.  Would that be cool.

That is you choice keep you job or find a new one.