My dream is to stop wars

My passion is clear; bring awareness to the minds of people about the tragedy of war.

Killing in the name of war is no different to murder. Einstein.

Now how can I do it?

Here is my dream.
On one day everyone in the world who lost someone as a result of war: family member, friend, someone that was close to you; it does not matter which war; it does not matter whether that person was a soldier or civilian; it does not matter how and why they lost their life; the only thing that matters is that they lost their life as a result of war, will light a candle in their memory. Light a candle in their window and turn of other lights. Just for few minutes and they will look out and see how many other people lost their close ones due to war. Every light represents a tragedy that we as human created on this planet.

On this day I would like all people to contemplate: was it worth it; all this loss of life; was it worth it. So many dead, killed by other people and why?

I would like this day to also be a day of forgiveness; look at your neighbours they also lost their family members; (it would be great if the TV would broadcast views from all over the world) look at windows of people in other countries; they also lost some one close.

We can keep on fighting and killing each other but there is another option; forgive each other and live in peace.
Lets collectively say enough is enough; all this is suffering was caused by wars; we do not want any more.

This is my dream right now I would like some suggestions from my friends on how to make this dream a reality

What date would you suggest?

To make it bigger what do you think about organising public gatherings of people with singing and candles something like carol by candlelight’s.

Involve artist to give concerts in the name of forgiveness and peace. Concerts in which photos of the world from the candle light night would be show that war is a tragedy for all sides.

Each side suffers and the only way to stop this suffering is to stop the wars.

Eye for and eye lives the whole world blind. Gandhi.

Who fights by the swords dies by the sword, love your neighbour, turn the other check. Jesus

A big day: when the World said no to war.

Illegal refugees?

Australian Government is using the term illegal refugees que jumpers in an attempt to vilify people who are seeking refuge in Australia. But lets think about it.

Technically they are correct.  ALL refugees are illegal by definition. Lets see what wikipedia says about refugees

Under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees from 1951, a refugee is a person who (according to the formal definition in article 1A of this Convention), owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of their nationality, and is unable to or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail him/herself of the protection of that country.[1]

The concept of a refugee was expanded by the Convention’s 1967 Protocol and by regional conventions in Africa and Latin America to include persons who had fled war or other violence in their home country.

Lets think about how someone becomes a refugee.  They fear prosecution and flee their country.

How do you expect anyone fearing prosecution from their country go to their government authorities and apply for a passport and then ask them to wait with the prosecutions until they obtain an Australian Visa.  (please note that it takes at least 1 year to obtain an Australian visa). If they can do that I would say that they are not refugees, as they do not fear prosecution.

Using the protocol from 1967 we should grant refugee status to anyone coming from Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sir Lanka and any other war thorn country.

Power and Compassion

What a better way to show power then through compassion?  Only the mighty find the strength to overcome their fear and show mercy to their enemies.  It is the small and fearful that need to diminish others to make themselves bigger, but this will not make them great.

There is no way to take away someone’s humanity. We can only give it up. The way to do it is by treating others is an inhumane way. Mistreating others does not dehumanise the victim, it is the oppressor that gives up their humanity.  I ask the ones who are involved in such activity How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel safe? Do you sleep well?  How are you treating other people in your life?  The loved ones. Can you see a change in your behaviour?

The war on terror is supposed to make the world a safer place. But if destruction of 3 buildings in US and tragic death of nearly 3,000 created an uproar and an urge for revenge in so many people in the US and the people that feel connected to the them that we went to war.  How can we except that destroying cities and killing well over 700,000 (by some source) people in Iraq and Afghanistan can make Earth a safer place.

Would it be logical that people in Iraq, Afghanistan and people close to them will feel exactly the same as we did.  angry and revengeful. This is just playing into the hands of the terrorist. By creating displaced people with no hope for the future, infuriated by the destruction and deaths of their neighbours, outraged by the way their fellow citizens are treated by the aggressor.

The only way to create peace is to stop fighting, stop the war.  You would not like other people to come and reorganise or just clean your house without your permission.

Conversation with US Marine

Two years ago I met an US Marine. A lovely, caring, helpful bloke. God bless is soul. He was stationed in Africa.

We spoke about wars and people that died as a result of them.  He said that US army has no intention to kill people they are only defending others. I did not get it and asked.

You take bombs that are designed to kill and destroy, that is the sole purpose for making them; and you drop them on highly populated civilian areas;  what do you except will happen.

Just think, imagine what are the results of bombing something? Isn’t it obvious that people will be killed, properties destroyed?

If you have no intention of killing, why are you using devices that were designed and manufactured to kill and destroy?  What other intention you can have for using them?

We did not continue this conversation.  There were other more cheerful subjects to talk about.  His dream was to become a musician.

I hope that his dreams are fulfilled and he was not sent to the war zone.  This World can certainly do with another musician and with one less soldier.

What would you do?

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Imagine you are living in a country that is run by an unpopular leader. For some of you it might be easy for other it might not, but please try. There is no political freedom: police and special forces have the power to intercept you communications, you can be arrested just on suspicion with no access to attorney you can be withheld and cannot then say were you have been people disappear, torture is accepted way of dealing with enemies of the state.

Then one day a foreign power attacks you country and gets rid of the hated leader. They put him to trial and execute for crimes against humanity.  Houses and infrastructure are destroyed. Many people are kills in the process.  These are your family friends neighbours.  There is no water electricity. Businesses are destroyed there is no work. You see the foreign tanks on the streets they are playing loud music. This is not your music and they point guns at you. Would that make you angry would that make you revengeful.  Your country is one of the biggest producers of oil, yet you cannot get petrol.  The oilfields have been taken over by the foreign companies. How would that make you feel?

Wouldn’t you want the occupation to finish would you think of fighting for the freedom of your country?

If your answer is yes, are you surprised that the war in Iraq is sill going on.  It will not stop until the foreign troops leave.

Thoughts on Freedom and Clothing

On the chat line some one said that we have to fight in Afghanistan to save the women there.  They are oppressed and the proof of that is hat they have to where special clothing whatever it is call is not important. They have to dress in a specific manner.

I wonder how this person will feel if some aliens come to Earth and start fighting to free men.

They are oppressed! They have to go to work wearing this funny clothing. They are also not allowed to breath easily and have to limit the amount of air they use by tying a piece of material around their necks.

You do not agree with this argument.  There are many men who do not like wearing a tie nor suit to work; but they have to.

I am sure they will be happy for someone to come and free them from this terrible custom.

Case for no War -how would you feel?

It amazes me how we keep on believing that war is a way to stabilise a region and make us safer.  The war in Afghanistan is going on for 8 years Iraq 6 years. And what is the outcome: millions dead, escalation of violence, many millions of refugees with their homes destroyed and nowhere to go. Now Pakistan is becoming more and more unstable.

Should it surprise us?  How did we feel when we where watching the two World Towers collapsed? How did we feel after the Bali bombing? Do you remember?

Anger, rage, eagerness for revenge. Was that your feeling?  Shouldn’t we expect that the people whose homes we are destroying will feel the same way. Just that their anger will be aimed at us.  Why should they react any differently to us/ They are human just like us.

Why are we insisting on keeping our army there, why do we insist on fighting (and lets get it clear when armies are fighting people get killed, property gets destroyed and so is the lives of people that stay alive). People get angry, sad and then lose hope for the future. This just makes them an easy target for recruitment by terrorist orgnisations.

Fighting the war on terror creates terrorist. Am I the only one who sees it this way?

It amazes me to see so many people who say they follow Jesus teaching supporting this war (or in fact any other war). Didn’t Jesus say turn the other chick, love your neighbour and who fights by the sword dies by the sword. He Knew. Fighting evil with evil creates more evil, only good can overcome evil. To stop a fight one has to stop fighting.  Doesn’t this sound so trivial.

Another thing. How would you feel if you had a foreign army roaming down your streets? This is an army of soldiers different to you: different rase, religion language.  Imagine you have foreign army in your homeland. How would that make you feel?  Now imagine that life is getting more and more difficult as the army is here.  What will you do?

Who do we blame when life is getting tough? Migrants? Refugees, government?  Who is your pick?

What I am asking you to do is imagine how would you feel if you were Iraqi or Afghani living in your own country right now.  What would you think what would you do?